Bowfleg the Warlord

Place of Origin:East Mossflower
Weapon: Unknown, though he is stated to have a lot of spears
Death: Poisoned by Swartt Sixclaw
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

Bowfleg the Warlord was a ferret leader who ruled a huge encampment of vermin in northeast Mossflower Woods and the father of Bluefen, father-in-law of Swartt Sixclaw, and the grandfather of Veil Sixclaw. His insignia was a white fang within a green circle. However, Bowfleg himself was not as impressive as his title, being fat, bloated, and old. He was too lazy to move his army, and quite content with his realm.

Bowfleg's court was based within a huge purple pavilion. He had a throne, and his bodyguard was the giant weasel Wurgg the Spinecracker.

He was an old acquaintance of Swartt Sixclaw. Swartt, though, despised Bowfleg and in his youth he went off westward to form a band in northwest Mossflower. When he returned seasons later, he arrived under a show of humble gratitude for Bowfleg, and promptly poisoned him and Wurgg. When their deaths were discovered, Swartt seized control and had their bodies burned.

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