Year Published: 2002
Illustrator: Allan Curless
US Cover Artist: Troy Howell
Page Count: 21
ISBN: ISBN 0399239006

Redwall Tales - A Teacher's Guide

Brian Jacques's Redwall Tales - A Teacher's Guide was a short promotional pamphlet published by Philomel as a companion to the novel Triss in 2002. It was written by Carol Otis Hurst for teachers.


In the external links section is an almost identical guide hosted at Penguin by the same author for the 10th anniversary Redwall. The "Writer and His Editor Speak", "Introduction", "Synopses" (with the new additions of The Legend of Luke, Marlfox and Lord Brocktree), "Suggested Activities", "Redwall Recipes", "About Brian Jacques", and "About Redwall" (updated for the publishing of Triss) are all word-for-word exactly the same.

The guide is peppered with Redwall illustrations from Allan Curless, and in the center a miniaturized black-and-white version of the map from the Redwall Map & Riddler is printed.

External Links

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