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Brockhall was the ancestral home of the Brock family, located in northeastern Mossflower Woods. It was once used as a meeting place and refuge for the Corim, and later became a nest for Zassaliss, Sesstra, Harssacss, and Berussca. Brockhall was rediscovered accidentally by the Dibbuns Bikkle and Ruggum in Triss.

It included small sitting rooms, a small infirmary, a nursery, a study, a master bedroom, dormitories, a kitchen, a larder, storerooms and a large main hall. Brockhall is most likely named for Lady Sable Brock.


Later, the Sable Quean Vilaya commandeered Brockhall and called the place Althier, an anagram for "The Lair". Only a few trusted guards, jailers Thwip and Binta, Zwilt the Shade, and Vilaya's loyal counselor Dirva ever knew its location. Vilaya kept kidnapped young ones there in a dark old cave with mossy ledges for sleeping. The Redwallers rediscovered Althier when Axtel Sturnclaw the warrior mole accidentally dug into it during one of his travels.

Known Inhabitants of Brockhall


Brockhall appears in Mossflower, Triss and The Sable Quean, and is mentioned in Outcast of Redwall, The Legend of Luke and Lord Brocktree.

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