Brome wield
Brome from the Redwall TV Series

Place of Origin:Noonvale
Weapon: Javelin
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior
Voice(s): Luca Perlman
TV Series: Season 3

Brome was a male mouse from Noonvale. He was the younger brother of Laterose of Noonvale, the son of Urran Voh and Aryah Voh, and the ancestor of Aubretia. Brome is also called Brome the Healer, Brother of Rose.

Brome was a young, innocent and cheeky little mouse, mischievous, but very helpful and intelligent. Although fearful and hesitant at first, he later became a powerful and invaluable ally in the fight against Badrang the Tyrant. Captured by Badrang's forces outside Fort Marshank, he was imprisoned there, along with Martin the Warrior and many others. He was rescued by Laterose and her friend Grumm Trencher and became good friends with Felldoh, whom he greatly admired and respected.

Felldoh and Brome succeeded in liberating only part of the slaves from the Fort with the help of a group of traveling entertainers called the Rambling Rosehip Players. As Brome's self-confidence grew, he devised a daring plan of his own in order to rescue the slaves who had been too slow, too old or too weak to escape with the first group. Brome had an unusual talent for disguise and imitation, similar to his sister's ability to imitate birds, and was able to adopt the mannerism and speech of searats convincingly. He used this ability to pass himself as a searat named Bucktail and infiltrate Marshank. His pretense allowed him to sneak into the fort undetected and save Keyla and Felldoh's father, Barkjon, among others.

In spite of his courage and his hatred for slavery, Brome, realized he could never be a warrior like his friend Felldoh. When he saw Felldoh kill Badrang's horde with coolness and determination, Brome was horrified. Although he later understood the necessity for war and killing, he would never reconcile himself to using violence and during the final war against the Tyrant and his fortress, Brome became a great healer. However when all hope was eventually lost and his friends were about to be massacred, Brome finally picked up a javelin in a desperate move to fight and defend those he loved.

Although Brome realized the use of war and killing, he spared the life of a rat named Wulpp in the final battle. Previous to the battle, Brome had disguised himself as a corsair to sneak into Fort Marshank and free the slaves. As they freed the slaves, Brome ran into Wulpp, who was too drunk to speak audibly. Keyla (still a slave), who was behind the fence that the two were leaning against, was given the signal by Brome to drop a heavy sack onto Wulpp's head, knocking him unconscious. This event indirectly led to the sparing of Wulpp by Brome, but it could be considered that he was spared because, in the battle, the two recognized each other. Wulpp cried, "Don't kill me, mate! Remember me?" and Brome released him, warning him that he wouldn't spare him should Brome ever see Wulpp again.

When his sister was killed by Badrang the Tyrant, Brome blamed himself for her death, saying she would still be alive if he had not wandered from home. The others comforted him, saying the only beast to blame was Badrang himself. Brome later returned home to Noonvale with his friends.


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