Brother Perant

Brother Perant

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Brother Perant was a male mouse of Redwall Abbey who served as the Infirmary Keeper. He was a very talented healer, and his knowledge of herbs, salves, potions and treatments was without peer in all of Mossflower. He was caring, well-spoken, stubborn and strict.

When Pandion Piketalon, wounded and disheveled, was brought to the Abbey by Tiria Wildlough, Brinty, Tribsy and Girry, he was treated by Brother Perant, who removed the cruel, iron star lodged in his beak. Later, when Brantalis Skyfurrow crashed over the Abbey parapet, Perant applied clean, white-linen dressing to the arrow wound on his neck.

At first, Perant had to mediate the two birds' squabbling during their stay in the Infirmary. Later, he refused Tiria and her friends’ request to allow the birds out of his sickbay, as he feared that that would start more arguments. Tiria, who needed information on Green Isle and the High Rhulain, was upset. However, when Abbess Lycian arrived with a hurt Grumby, she insisted that the birds be released. Brother Perant, aware of Abbey protocol and courtesy, let them out.

After Tiria left for Green Isle, Brother Perant helped Sister Snowdrop, Old Quelt, Girry, Tribsy and Brinty solve the riddles of the Geminya Tome.