Bulbrock Broadstripe


Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: A Redwall Winter's Tale

Bulbrock Broadstripe, also called Mighty Bulbrock, was a large male badger and a member of Hypericum Hadduck Hare's troupe. He became a great friend of Bungo during his visit to Redwall Abbey.

Bulbrock was immensely strong and could lift a table on which stood a whole group of creatures. In spite of this, Bulbrock was very gentle, especially with the Abbey Dibbuns. When Bungo and the other Abbeybabes didn't want to go to sleep after the troupe's performance and the feast, Bulbrock told them the famous story of the Snow Badger to calm them down.

Besides Bungo, Bulbrock was the only creature known to have met the fabled badger and carried a small pouch on his neck as testimony of his encounter.

Bulbrock's speech was characterized by aspirating all the vowels.