Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Lance
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

"Chuck ee larnce aways - you'm could slay emenies with thoi breath!" - Foremole

Burgo was a fat male mole who lived at Redwall Abbey. He enjoyed eating wild garlic, but he wore a clothespin on his nose to avoid its horrible smell. Unfortunately, he ate so much garlic he could not remove the smell from his person, which caused many beasts to complain of the reek.

Burgo was an old friend of Gabriel Quill and Brother Hubert, and he, like the other moles, was extremely fond of Friar Alder's raspberry cream pudding. He was involved in the rescue of Rosie Woodsorrel, and presumably lived at Redwall the rest of his days. He was a minor character - little else is known of him.


  • In the extract from the records of Redwall Abbey at the end of the U.S. edition of Mariel, Saxtus says that "I think Bagg will become the new Foremole." This is inconsistent as Bagg is an otter. Apparently seeing this error, when Brian Jacques and his radio troupe made the unabridged recording, the line was changed to: "I think Burgo will become the new Foremole."

Not to be confused with Burgy or Burgogg.