The weasel Burrad was the leader of a band of 13 mixed vermin (five weasels, a ferret, two rats, two stoats, two foxes). The band originally belonged to Burrad's father, but when he died Burrad took over. They came from the Northlands. One member of the group is never named, and it is likely that Brian Jacques simply forgot that he was writing about a 13-member-band rather than a 12-member band, or, when Bragoon and Sarobando first encountered them, Bragoon counted 12, while Saro counted 13. Bragoon could have been right, and not Saro.

Known Members

  • Burrad's Father (Original Chieftain)
  • Burrad (Chieftain)


The band had a number of Chieftains.


Burrad the weasel was enormously fat, and a bully to boot. His time of rule lasted only a couple of pages before he was killed accidentally by Skrodd the fox.


Skrodd was Burrad's fox warrior and the second in command. When he accidentally killed Burrad, he proclaimed himself leader. He decided to move the band south towards Redwall Abbey, much to the dismay of the others. He was assassinated.


The bulky rat Dargle was leader of the group for about two seconds. He impaled Skrodd, but the fox used his last breath to chop off the murderer's head.


The fox with the longest rule of any Chieftain, Badredd started out as Skrodd's bodyguard (fell asleep though). When he woke he found Skrodd and Dargle, both dead. He proclaimed himself leader and continued to march on Redwall Abbey, much to the dismay of Flinky and the others. He later chopped off Slipback's tail to prove himself.

Flinky and Slipback tried to assassinate Badredd for this while he was asleep, but the attempt failed. When they arrived at Redwall later that day, Badredd began on mouthing on about how he was in charge of a horde and how their Abbey would fall if they didn't give him the magic sword. The Redwallers refused, of course, and the attack was on!

Halfchop was wounded, but Rogg and Floggo managed to kill Junty Cellarhog, a Redwaller. Soon afterwards they opened a wallgate and entered the grounds. The Redwallers were now under siege. Badredd's band kept on slinging stones through the windows. After a few days Badredd realized he needed more recruits so he sent Flinky and Crinktail out.

They brought back the searat Raga Bol and his crew, who promptly threw the band under lock and key, and took over besieging the Abbey. Bol had Badredd become his personal slave.


Thanks to Flinky, who led the guard off on false pretenses, the band escaped. Badredd was very unpopular now, and Flinky took over the Chieftaincy. He took the group south and they were never seen at Redwall Abbey again.


Burrad's band appears in Loamhedge.

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