Place of Origin:Southsward
Death: Head wound
Appears: The Bellmaker

Burrom was a female hedgehog of Southsward. She was seriously injured when a mast fell on her before she, Benjy, Wincey and Figgs were marooned on the Island of the Wrecked Ships. She took care of them, but because of her injury, she was 'never quite right in the head'. Burrom was a 'father' to Benjy, Figgs and Wincey and she died about a month before the Pearl Queen arrived at the island. Benjy kept her death a secret from Wincey and Figgs, telling them that she just needed some more rest, and later wanted Joseph the Bellmaker and Finnbarr Galedeep to leave her in the tent, saying she 'might get better and wake up someday'.

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