Corporal Butty Wopscutt

Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Pike, Ladle
Death: Slain during combat with Gulo the Savage's hordes, sacrificing himself to save Tam
Appears: Rakkety Tam

Butty Wopscutt was a tubby corporal and hare in charge of supplies and provisions in the Long Patrol. He was kind to all and a good friend of Tam and Doogy.

When the shrews were moving a willow that was blocking the river that Tam and the Guosim were traveling on, Gulo the Savage attacked Tam and the hares standing guard against them. Butty was killed by a wound from Gulo, who had attacked his back, and multiple other wounds from the horde.

Butty threw himself into the fray to save Tam from being killed, making sure in his final moments that his friend could swim away. Tam was greatly grieved over his death.

Not to be confused with Friar Butty.


  • Interestingly, both Friar Butty and Butty Wopscutt were head cooks in their respective locations.