Camp Willow

Lead Administrator:Grath Longfletch, Jarron Woodsorrel
Cessation: 2001
Main Language:English
Type of Site:Club
Most Recent URL

Camp Willow was a club in the Redwall Online Community prominent during the mid-1990s. It was named after the Mossflower Woods otter retreat, and founded by Grath Longfletch on August 25, 1997.


The site was first located at It later moved to

In 1999, Grath Longfletch announced the closure of Camp Willow, however club member Jarron Woodsorrel assumed leadership and rebuilt the organization.

On March 18, 2000, Camp Willow officially merged with Terrouge Productions. Around this time, its url was; it soon changed to

In August of that year, Jarron Woodsorrel announced he was retiring from running the website, however he stuck around for a few more months. Sandfur Dunerunner took over management.

In April 2001, Jarron decided he no longer had the enthusiasm to manage a large Redwall website and abandoned the project. Later in the year, Camp Willow was replaced by Further Mossflower, an RPG website.

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