Place of Origin:North Shores
Death: Sayna shipwreck
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Cardo was a male mouse from the tribe of Luke the Warrior who accompanied him on his voyages, although he was seasick at first. At the start of the journey he was the assistant cook to his good friend Beau and was greatly saddened when he was washed overboard. After this he became the head cook of the Sayna, which was ironic considering he used to be a terrible cook. Cardo was the father of Fripple, a mousemaid dearly loved by Timballisto when he was young.

Before his death, Cardo had told Luke the previous night that something "didn't feel right". Cardo was killed when the Goreleech rammed the Sayna. He was never mentioned again afterwards.

Not to be confused with Cadro.