The Cavemob was a large pygmy shrew tribe, which was led by Bodjev. This tribe lived in a big cavern in the flatlands and their cavern's entrance was hidden by a waterfall. They hunted small eels known as "elvers" in the flatlands and made pies out of them. The Cavemob sacrificed one shrew to Yo Karr, a giant eel, to ensure that they could hunt elvers another time. They danced under a stalactite, and if a drop of water fell on the head of a pygmy shrew, s/he was the one sacrificed . This tradition was stopped by Bodjev, when his own daughter Dinat was chosen to meet Yo Karr, and when Tagg killed Yo Karr. Pygmy shrews farmed vegetables and berries on the ledges of the mountain.

Many of the Cavemob tribe were slain when Gruven Zann and his gang launched an avalanche on them.

Known Tribe Members


The Cavemob appears in Taggerung.

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