Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior
TV Series: Season 3
"She'm a gurt flutterer, that un. Oi losed moi 'eart to 'er long seasons agone. Hurr, but she'm a foin arctress too!"

Celandine was a vain young squirrelmaid who was good at singing and a member of the Rambling Rosehip Players. She seemed to take a liking to Felldoh and often flirted with him. She added frills and lace to her Rambling Rosehip Players tunic which unfortunately hindered her as she tried to escape from Badrang's cronies, causing her to be captured. Fortunately, she was rescued by Felldoh, Rowanoak and Ballaw.

She later joined the Fur and Freedom Fighters. She and a few other of the troupe helped created a barricade. While the former slaves and actors were pinned down by fire arrows, she interrupted Ballaw, telling him that he had even made a short speech in his entire life.

Celandine was not very brave or strong but was not bad-hearted either. She was known to bat her eyelashes at all handsome woodlanders, whether they were squirrels or not, and often shirked her duties in the Rambling Rosehip Players' camp (cooking, cleaning, etc.).

Celandine tv

Celandine from the Redwall TV Series, season 3


  • 'Celandine' is pronounced with the letter 'C' as 'K', not as in 'C' in "cell."