Ceteruler the Just

Badger Ruler

Place of Origin:Unknown
Known Predecessor:Unknown
Known Successor:Unknown, eventually Lord Stonepaw
Appears:Mentioned in: Mossflower, Salamandastron, Lord Brocktree

Ceteruler the Just was a Salamandastron badger ruler who reigned sometime before Lord Stonepaw and the founding of the Long Patrol. S/he is only mentioned as being a mummified corpse in Salamandastron's secret badger chamber, so apart from Ceteruler's name and that s/he was one of the first Badger rulers of Salamandastron, nothing is known about him/her.

Ceteruler was called "the Wise" in Salamandastron; this was changed to "the Just" in Lord Brocktree after the former title was given to Russano. No title was given to Ceteruler in Mossflower, the first published reference to him/her.


  • The term for a group of badgers is a "cete."

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