Whulky & Chab
Whulky and Chab

Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Chab was a young, male otter of the otterclans on Green Isle, a slave to Riggu Felis and his feral cat army. He was caught hiding purple mussel pearls -- which he claimed to be baubles for his daughter -- underneath his paw by Weilmark Scaut. As punishment for "stealing" the pearls, Chab was tied beneath the Fortress pier overnight.

Chab and his good friend Whulky attended the outlaw otterclan meeting, during which Ould Zillo the Bard prophesied the coming of the High Rhulain (which turned out to be Tiria Wildlough). However, the next morning, Chab and Whulky were caught outside of the Fortress. When the two refused to talk about the nature of the outlaw meeting, they were sentenced to an entire night beneath the pier, along with Chab's wife and three offspring, and Whulky's wife. Riggu Felis said that if they still did not talk after that time, they would be thrown into the Deeplough and fed to the Slothunog. Memsy went and found Leatho Shellhound and told him about the fates planned for the two otter families. That night, Leatho, along with Kolun Galedeep, Banya Streamdog and a group of other outlaw otters, freed them and took them back to their refuge on the coast.

When Chab arrived at Holt Summerdell along with the other clans, he helped Birl Gully and Whulky brew up some Gullyplug Punch.

Later, Chab went along with the clans to war with the feral cats. Early on in the battle, Chab was sent out by Banya to scout around the Fortress. Chab and Whulky went out on the left bank, while Lugg and Ganno took the right bank. Chab came back and reported that there was no cat activity on the lake or pier.

At the end of the novel, Chab and Whulky worked as the Water Bailiffs at the Holt Summerdell ponds, under the new High Rhulain, Tiria.