Species:Tree Rat
Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Head bashed in by Tugga Bruster
Appears: Doomwyte

Chigid was the chieftain of the Painted Ones; he ruled his tribe from a large five-topped oak tree. Chigid's family consisted of his wife Tala and his son Jeg. They kept Aluco as a slave for sport, tearing out his flight feathers, but the owl eventually escaped and subsequently terrorized Chigid and his tribe by pretending to be Baliss the Slayer.

When Bisky and a group of Redwallers were in the caverns beneath the Cellars, they encountered the Painted Ones for the first time. Bisky was taken captive, but Chigid and his band were eventually forced into a retreat by the the other Redwallers, and Chigid received burns and multiple shrapnel wounds after having a lantern thrown at him. Chigid's tribe also took Dubble prisoner out in Mossflower Woods,earning the wrath of Dubble's father Log-a-Log Tugga Bruster.

Tala tended to Chigid's wounds, but before he could heal, the Redwallers teamed up with the Guosim to rescue the Painted Ones' captives. At first, Chigid was able to have his creatures gain the upper hand by use of poison darts, but when reinforcements arrived in the form of the Gonfelins, Chigid tried to flee but fell from his tree to the ground, further injuring himself. He and the other survivors of the conflict surrendered, and Chigid begged for mercy, but was violently beaten in front of his wife by Tugga Bruster, who bashed his head in with a club. Tala later avenged him by lying in wait for the Guosim Chieftain, and running him through.