Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss

Churk was a scholarly otter living in Redwall Abbey during the time of Trisscar Swordmaid. She was the sister of Rumbol, the niece of Skipper, and a descendant of Deyna I, Rillflag, Filorn, and Deyna . Because of Churk's prowess at solving puzzles, Skipper often bragged about how good she was, claiming he had taught her all she knew.

Churk successfully deciphered the written language of Riftgard, which turned out to be a simple substituted alphabet. Her knowledge of the language helped her to decode a written message from the late King Sarengo, which gave directions to the long-lost secret entrance to Brockhall. She then accompanied the party led by Triss and Sagaxus to Brockhall to help battle the three adders living there; along the way, discovered and decoded another message from Sarengo, which detailed how to open the secret door.

She later succeeded Malbun Grimp as the Recorder for the Abbey.