Clerun Kordyne

Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Broadsword
Death: Killed by Zwilt the Shade
Appears: Mentioned in: The Sable Quean

Clerun Kordyne was a male hare and the older brother of Buckler Kordyne, son of Adarin Kordyne, son-in-law of Major Doughty, grandson of Feryn Kordyne, husband of Clarinna, and the father of Calla and Urfa. He was brought up at the fortress of Salamandastron, but was a peaceful farmer at heart; unlike his grandfather and brother. He and his wife moved from the mountain to a small farm just east of Redwall Abbey and had two children.

Clerun inherited a Badger Lord crafted broadsword and the famed Blademaster's Medal from his father, as he was the oldest. But he never used them for anything other than as a tool and an ornament, as he was a peaceful type.

When Zwilt the Shade and his Ravagers came to their farm, Clerun did his best to defend his family, but he was not a warrior, and was no match for the skilled Zwilt, who challenged him to a duel and easily bested him. The sadistic sable slew Clerun, but only after injuring and tormenting him. The broadsword and medal were stolen, Clerun's babes were taken to Althier, and Clarinna was wounded but made her way to Redwall, where Buckler heard about his brother's fate and swore vengeance. Clerun was avenged after Clarinna killed Zwilt with the Sword of Martin.