Cluny the Scourge led a massive horde when he came to Mossflower Country and Redwall Abbey. When he began making designs for capturing the Abbey, Cluny had some of his captains roam the countryside and forcibly conscript weasels, stoats, ferrets, and other rats. Cluny's horde was vast (it originally numbered about 500, after the new recruits joined up it was just over 600) and fearsome, although they were ultimately defeated by Matthias, Guosim shrews, Sparra warriors, and the other Redwallers.
The horde of Cluny

Cluny and his horde






Cluny's Horde appears in Redwall and was mentioned in Mattimeo by Slagar the Cruel.


  • Unlike most vermin hordes, armies, tribes, and clans, there are no warrior foxes in Cluny's Horde.
  • According to Slagar the Cruel, the Horde came from the north.
  • Killconey is the only Captain who isn't a rat.

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