Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Sword
Death: Strangled by Gorath the Flame
Appears: Eulalia!

Codj was a fox Sea Raider on the vessel Bludgullet. He was the first mate, second-in-command and younger brother of Vizka Longtooth. He was shown to be cunning, though on a lower level than Vizka himself. He was also ambitious, sadistic and slightly childish. He had only a stub for a tail (he lost the rest in a fight when he was young), which earned him the unfortunate nickname of Stumple.

During the Sea Raiders' attack on Gorath the Flame's home in the Northern Isles, Codj locked Gorath's grandparents in their house and set the place on fire, capturing Gorath, who was later tied to the Bludgullet's mast. Codj, who at first wanted Gorath killed, enjoyed ragging the starved badger throughout the journey. This, added to the death of Gorath's grandparents at Codj's hands, made the badger his mortal enemy.

When the Sea Raiders arrived in Mossflower Woods, Codj was elected to lead a shore party to search for Redwall Abbey, which Vizka had in mind to make into a fortress from which to lead his eventual attacks on Salamandastron. While the party did not actually find Redwall, they did capture the young hedgehog Orkwil Prink, who had been exiled from the Abbey. Codj was very pleased with himself for this action.

Orkwil helped Gorath escape his mast shackles one night. The unlucky Codj, coming out to check on the prisoners, did not know this and was set upon by the vengeful Gorath and strangled to death.

Codj was wrapped in a cloth, weighted by an iron chain and buried at sea; a sign that Vizka indeed did care for his brother to some extent.