Place of Origin:Sampetra
Weapon: Scimitar
Death: Hypnotized by Ublaz Mad Eyes to jump out a window
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Conva was a male stoat corsair who captained a ship from the island Sampetra, under the reign of the pine marten Ublaz Mad Eyes. He was the brother of Barranca. Unlike most corsairs, Conva did not seem to speak in the typical corsair accent. He was sent with his crew on his ship, the Waveworm, to fetch the Tears of all Oceans from Holt Lutra. There, he and his crew slew the entire holt, save Grath Longfletch, obtaining the pearls. Conva later lost the pearls when two treacherous crewmembers, Graylunk and Flairnose, stole them and fled into Mossflower Woods. Unable to track them past the walls of Redwall Abbey, Conva returned empty-pawed to Sampetra, where he was kept imprisoned until Ublaz could interrogate him. Ublaz told the stoat captain to sketch out the pearls and the case they were carried in, so that he could instruct his gulls to locate them. When Ublaz asked what was to be done with him, Conva begged to be spared. But the Emperor refused - he knew too much; under the hypnotic stare of the pine marten's evil eyes, the unlucky corsair jumped from a window of Ublaz's palace to his death.

This incited his brother Barranca to launch a rebellion against Ublaz. Conva's first mate, Romsca, was made captain of the Waveworm after his death.

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