Hillgorse the Hedgehog weilding a Cord and Boulder, in Martin the Warrior

A cord and boulder was used (along with a club) by the fighters in the combat for the title of Firstblade of the Rapscallion army. It consisted of a cord two swordblades long with a small boulder twice the size of an apple tied to the end. It was used as a mace and chain without a handle, with the boulder taking the place of a mace head. In the combat for Gormad Tunn's title, Byral Fleetclaw's cord was sabotaged by Lugworm. Damug Warfang let Byral's cord wrap around his club and broke the cord with a tug. As Byral stared at the broken cord, Damug swung his boulder into Byral's head, killing him. Hillgorse and Felldoh also used cord and boulder to beat back Badrang's horde while the slaves escaped. Meldrum Fallowthorn the Magnificent also used a stone with a hole in the center tied to a fishing rod as a weapon in The Bellmaker.

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The Cord and Boulder appears in Martin the Warrior, The Bellmaker, and The Long Patrol.

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