Corksnout Spikkle

Corksnout Spikkle and his grandson Umfry

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Doomwyte

Corksnout Spikkle was a hedgehog Cellarkeeper of Redwall Abbey, and the grandfather of Umfry Spikkle. It was said that he was the biggest hedgehog that ever lived, though his grandson Umfry eventually outgrew him. He had lost his nose in a bygone battle, and Samolus Fixa made him new one made from a keg cork attached to a string to his headspikes. Corksnout aided Bisky and his friends by helping to solve the riddles that Gonff the Mousethief left behind after hiding the jewel eyes of the Great Doomwyte Idol.

Later, Corksnout was taking the body of the slain Ravenwyte Tarul outside of the gates, when Baliss the Slayer (whom Korvus Skurr had sent to terrorize the Redwallers) arrived at the Abbey. The blind adder confused the scents of the hedgehog and the dead raven when he struck; therefore, he missed his bite and hit Corksnout's back with his face. Several of Corksnout's spikes were rammed into Baliss' head, greatly injuring and maddening the snake. When Corksnout got back inside the Abbey, yowling and screeching in agony, he and the other Redwallers thought that he had been bitten by the adder; in fact, he had suffered little injury save the loss of most of his bottom-spikes, some of which were rammed into his backside and had to be removed by Brother Torilis.