Corriam Wildlough

Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Lance
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mentioned in: High Rhulain

Corriam Wildlough was brother to the original High Rhulain Wildlough, husband to Runa Wildlough, son-in-law to Alem Mossguard, and ancestor to Banjon Wildlough and Tiria Wildlough.

Corriam was stranded with only his lance and his sister's coronet after their ship was destroyed while they were tracking wildcats. He was found on a beach, close to death, and nursed back to health by Runa Mossguard. When he had recovered, Runa became close to him, but her father Alem Mossguard disapproved.

Runa and Corriam eventually journeyed to Redwall Abbey and married, where he repaired his lance. After his death, Runa entrusted the coronet and Corriam's lance to Sister Geminya, who hid these items in her room near the top of the Abbey, cleverly using the lance as a curtain rail with the coronet inside it.