Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Scimitar, curved dagger
Death: Killed by Felldoh
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Crableg was a searat in Captain Tramun Clogg's crew who owned a scimitar (later taken by Crosstooth). A great runner, Crableg, together with Bluddnose and Gritter, chased the runaway slaves from Fort Marshank. The searats were about to capture Celandine, who had fallen off the cart, when they were attacked with lances and javelins. Crableg had almost caught Celandine's footpaw when he was kicked in the snout by the feisty squirrelmaid. Crableg was about to strike her with his sword when he was killed by a lance thrown by Felldoh.

Crableg's hat was later taken by Brome as part of his searat disguise to enter in Fort Marshank undetected.