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Place of Origin:Isle of Irgash
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Crumdun was a fat, cheerful stoat in the crew of Razzid Wearat who had suffered many head wounds in fights. As a result, he was not very bright. He was described as Braggio Ironhook's constant shadow, following the big ferret around and supporting his deeds, though often trying Braggio's patience with his stupidity.

After Braggio was slain by Razzid, Crumdun pretended to side with the Wearat and sailed with him on the Greenshroud; in truth, he was saddened and horrified by the beheading of his messmate. During the voyage, the other vermin teased Crumdun for his slowness, until he decided he had taken enough and deserted the ship.

Wandering the dunes, Crumdun was taken captive by the hares of the Long Patrol, but they treated him well and he began to rather enjoy their company. However, when the Long Patrol joined forces with the Rogue Crew, Crumdun was frightened by the sea otters' warlike manner and fled, fearing that he would eventually be killed by the otters. Deciding that he didn't want to be big and tough like Braggio after all, Crumdun resolved to live out his days alone.

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