Place of Origin:Juskarath clan
Weapon: Battle Axe
Death: Killed by Nimbalo the Slayer
Appears: Taggerung
Voice(s): Angela Mounsey

Dagrab was a female rat, a member of the Juskarath clan, under the leadership of the ferret chief, Sawney Rath. Dagrab was present during the murder of Rillflag, along with Sawney Rath, Grissoul, Felch, Eefera, Ribrow and Vallug Bowbeast. She was considered one of the clan's "best", as she was sent with Gruven Zann to hunt down Deyna the Taggerung.

After Vallug and Eefera deserted the tracking band, Dagrab went with Gruven, Rawback and Ribrow. She helped to kill many Cavemob shrews in a landslide, found but quickly lost the tracks of Vallug and Eefera, and killed Nimbalo the Slayer's father in a raid against his home. To do this deed she used his own battleaxe, taking it with her. This, however, led to her death, as Nimbalo swore revenge. He chased her down outside Redwall Abbey and killed her.