Foremole Darbee

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

Darbee was the Foremole during the time of Abbess Marjoram. He was very shy and modest and didn't like much attention; he did enter the "Bard of Redwall" contest, though when his turn came to sing, he backed out, as he was neither prepared nor feeling confident enough to perform in public. He greatly admired the mole warrior Axtel Sturnclaw, and was friends with Cellarmole Gurjee.

When it became clear Redwall Abbey would eventually come under attack from the Ravagers, Darbee and his molecrew worked together with the Recorder Granvy Shtuckle in an attempt to create a ballista on the battlements, which would help to drive off the vermin. Unfortunately, the moles' fear of heights and lack of expertise caused the whole exercise to fail, until the more experienced Ambrevina Rockflash lent a paw. Later, when the vermin tried a battering ram, Darbee came up with the suggestion of pouring a mass of dirt in front of the gates to protect it from the ram; this proved to be a success for the mole leader, as the vermin could not force a battering ram through the huge hill of soil.

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