Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Spear
Death: Mutual kill with Skrodd
Appears: Loamhedge

Dargle was a big male rat warrior traveling with Burrad's gang. After the fox Skrodd accidentally slew the weasel leader, the fox appointed himself the new boss of the band. Dargle did not like this, and openly voiced his opinion and hatred of Skrodd.

One night when Skrodd was asleep, Dargle sneaked up on him and impaled him with his spear. Skrodd's sword was lying nearby however, and with the fox's last exertion of strength he lifted up the sword and cut horizontally at Dargle's neck, almost cleaving his head from his shoulders. Dargle instantly died and his carcass fell upon that of his nemesis. Their bodies were discovered the next morning by Badredd, and the little fox finished the job of decapitating Dargle with Skrodd's cutlass.