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Lead Administrator:Dark Mouse, Dark Spray
Cessation: 2000
Main Language:English
Type of Site:Club
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Dark Mouse's Cove was a vermin-based club within the Redwall Online Community. It was particularly notorious for declaring "war" on the rest of the ROC, which often included flaming club's messageboards and members. Despite this, Dark Mouse's Cove was frequently linked throughout the ROC. The concept behind the club was based off of island vermin retreats, such as Sampetra and Terramort. They used the forwarding url


A Redwall website known as "Bloodwart's Cove" existed from April 5th 1998 until April 1 1999, however the existence of any members or activities of this group are largely unknown. The site was largely involved with online battles against Sampetra (INSU) and Dibbuns Against Bedtime.

On April 4th, 1999, Dark Mouse took over the club, taking membership from 0 to 987 by December of that year.

In March 2000, Dark Mouse took ill, and after recovering decided a change of pace was necessary and thus shutdown the website on March 15th.

On November 10, 2000, Dark Mouse assigned "Dark Spray" as the new leader of Dark Mouse's Cove.

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Archive of Dark Mouse's Cove on Nov. 29, 2002 by the Wayback Machine

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