The Darrat

The Darrat were a horde of white-brown mottled rats who lived in Mossflower Woods south of Redwall Abbey. They were flesh-eaters who captured Horty, Fenna and Springald to fatten up and eat. The prisoners escaped thanks to Bragoon and Sarobando. As they left, they wounded several Darrat, but the High Kappin Birug and some others followed them. Thanks to Horty, who diverted the rats, the five travelers stayed unharmed, and Birug and many other of the cannibalistic rats were killed in a landslide.

Known members


The Darrat appear in Loamhedge.


  • In Cornish, "Dar" means "Oak Tree", so their name may possibly be just another way of saying "Tree Rats", which is apposite since they are forest dwellers.

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