Place of Origin:Terramort Isle
Weapon: Scimitar, Fire-swinger
Death: Presumably killed by the Flitchaye
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Deadglim was the bosun for the Darkqueen under the command of Captain Greypatch. He was a matey of Frink. Deadglim's favored weapon was a scimitar and he often acted as a scout sent in reconnaissance in new regions.

Deadglim was one the first searats of the Darkqueen to encounter the fierce trident-wielding toads from Toadlands. He was sent by Greypatch to patrol the Mossflower Woods when the searats first arrived in the region and captured Pakatugg Treefleet. He also participated in the siege against Redwall Abbey, using fire-swingers to set the Abbey on fire. Deadglim lost his left ear in the battle with the Long Patrol. Deadglim was presumably killed by the Flitchaye as he and his party tried to run away from the Mossflower region.