Some of the books have dedications at the beginning.


No dedication


No dedication


No dedication

Mariel of Redwall

To Liz

Liz is Brian Jacques' wife.


Martin the Warrior

Dedicated to a true friend, Patricia Lee Gauch

Gauch is a friend of Jacques and was the lead editor and and vice president of Philomel.

The Bellmaker

To the memory of Alan Durband, gentleman and teacher

Durband was a teacher of Brian Jacques who submitted Redwall to publishers without Brian's knowledge.

Outcast of Redwall

The Pearls of Lutra

No dedication.

The Great Redwall Feast

To Jade Pascal Jacques, from her grandfather

Jade is Brian Jacques' grandaughter, whom Mariel Gullwhacker is based on.

The Long Patrol

To the memory of a nine-year-old boy, Jimmy Casey--the bravest warrior of all who never gave up, and who will live on in the hearts of all who knew him.


To the memory of a true Redwall friend and talented illustrator, Allan Curless

The Legend of Luke

In memory of Tony Jacques

Tony was a brother of Brian Jacques.

Lord Brocktree

In memory of Gerry Ryan, a great singer and a good friend


A Redwall Winter's Tale

For Hannah Elizabeth Jacques with love from Grandad.



For my good friend Martha Buckley, who inspired my Martha.
For Heather Boyd, who cheered me from her hospital bed to mine.
To the memory of two brave warriors:
Nolan Wallace, who became Lonna Bowstripe,
and Eric Masato Takashige Boehm, who fought the good fight.

Eric Boehm was a Californian who died at age 14 in 2002 following a five year battle with leukemia.

Rakkety Tam

For Tim Moses, a colleague and a great friend.
Thank you for everything.

The Redwall Cookbook

For Constance, who collected the recipes

Constance is Brian Jacques' grandmother.

High Rhulain

To Alan Ingram, the "guardian at Redwall's gate".
Ingram holds rights to The Legend of Redwall Abbey.


In honour of Peter McGovern,
a true friend and a great man

Peter McGovern died in 2006, and was a famed Liverpudlian songwriter. He wrote a now well-known anthem for Liverpool, "In my Liverpool Home", which appears on Swallow the Anchor and A Gig wid Brig.


For P.F.C. Donald Reas Axtell,
a true warrior.

Donald Reas Axtell III was a member of the U.S. military who lost his legs in Iraq in August 2007 after a rocket was fired into a military base. Axtel Sturnclaw was named for him.

The Sable Quean

To Billy Maher
Maestro di Musica
and My Good Friend

Billy Maher composed the music for the Redwall audiobooks.

The Rogue Crew

For Jimmy Jacques,
a great pal who is also
an outstanding brother

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