The Deepcoiler


Place of Origin:Great Inland Lake
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Killed by Samkim
Appears: Salamandastron
Mentioned: Marlfox

The Deepcoiler was a huge underwater serpent, that lived in the Great Inland Lake. It was said to be more than three boat lengths in size. Shrews thought it to be only a legend, but found it to be a frightening reality.

The creature attacked many times at random during the recovery of the Blackstone, it caused the deaths of many creatures including Spriggat and Dethbrush, a number of GUOSSSOM shrews and nearly killed Tubgutt.

The Deepcoiler was killed by Samkim after he thrust the Sword of Martin into the roof of its' mouth. When the Deepcoiler tried to close its mouth, it pushed the sword up into its brain. Its body later washed up on shore, where it was found by Mara, who retrieved the sword. Mara later met up with Samkim and returned it.

The Deepcoiler is later referred to as a "lake monster" by Ellayo Swifteye when she told Friar Butty an old story about Marlfox Island that she heard from her father.