Place of Origin:Saint Ninian's
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Denno was a mouse who was initially from Saint Ninian's. Other than that, his early life is unknown, but he later moved to the North Shores with Luke the Warrior's tribe. He was gone to gather berries while the rest of the tribe was attacked by Vilu Daskar, and thus escaped the massacre. He participated in the attack on the Greenhawk, and later sailed on the Sayna when it sailed to attack the Goreleech.

Denno was taken prisoner on Volcano Island, and rescued by Luke and Vurg. Later, he was one of the four survivers when the Sayna was destroyed. After being picked up by the Goreleech, he participated in the ruse to fool Daskar into bringing the ship back to the homeland of the mice. He was on the aft of the Goreleech when it sank, and thus survived the sinking of the ship. Later, he went back to Redwall Abbey, which was still being constructed, and presumably lived out the rest of his life there happily.