Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

"Yore nothin' but a spoilt liddle nuisance who has to be carried everywhere!"


Diggla was a young male mousebabe who was captured by the Ravagers and taken to Althier. He was at the age where he asked many questions, and he often did so to Midda and the other older captives.

Diggla unintentionally discovered a crevice in their underground prison that was later used as the start of an escape tunnel. When the tunnel collapsed, the mousebabe escaped with the rest of the captives by another route and they met up with the crazed old hedgehog Triggut Frap, who took them to his watermeadow island. Triggut held Diggla hostage and threatened to feed him to some ravenous pike while he ordered the other young ones to build him a house. Diggla and the others were later rescued by Ambrevina Rockflash and Diggs and taken to Redwall Abbey.