The Dillypins were a hedgehog tribe related to Great Aunt Lollery and the Spearbacks. They often imposed on her, though she never really minded. Their leader was Jurkin, who was also their champion spiketussler. They were a rather crude bunch, generally without tact or manners, but they enjoyed a good meal and a laugh. They traveled in a large rafts which also served as their dwellings; each one was built with a hut in the middle. They enjoy spending time in water meadows, especially the young ones, who swim in the shallow water. The adults gather fruits, berries and fish. Most of hedgehogs of the tribe carry a sling, and were renowned for their skill with the weapon. The chief sport of the tribe was spiketussling. They have somewhat of a rivalry with the Forthrights.

Known Tribe Members


Dillypins appears in Taggerung.

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