Dinjer with the gannet

Species:Pygmy Shrew
Place of Origin:The cliffs by the shores of the Eastern Sea
Weapon: Sharpened stick
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior
Dinjer was the son of Queen Amballa, the ruler of the pygmy shrew colony that lived on the cliffs north of Fort Marshank. He was extremely spoiled and constantly harassed Martin the Warrior, Grumm, and Laterose of Noonvale while they were the shrews' captives. When Dinjer was captured by a gannet, Martin saved him and was freed by the Queen. After the trio was set free, Dinjer was punished for the first time because he was mad because he thought Martin had tried to hurt him when he saved him. His cries were described as a "beautiful sound" by Grumm because Dinjer had caused so much misery for him and his friends.
Dinjer TV show

Dinjer from the Redwall TV Series

Not to be confused with Dinger.