The Dirgecallers

Place of Origin:Land of Ice and Snow
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Presumably killed by a landslide caused by Meldrum Fallowthorn the Magnificient
Appears: The Bellmaker

The Dirgecallers were two female ermine, driven insane by captivity. It is uncertain if they are the same kind of ermine found in Rakkety Tam. They were brought by Urgan Nagru the Foxwolf from the Land of Ice and Snow, and he used them as his most feared trackers. The Dirgecallers could track almost anything, all they needed was a scent, then their lust to kill would take them the rest of the way. Later, Meldrum Fallowthorn the Magnificient created a landslide on a sandhill, burying them and a score of the rat horde.