A dirk is a very short sword mounted on a dagger hilt. As it is a small blade, the dirk was more often than not used as a backup weapon.

The dirk was not often used in the books; the only six creatures known to wield a dirk are Tammo De Fformelo Tussock, Skipper (who borrowed it from Tammo), Rakkety Tam MacBurl, Wild Doogy Plumm, Viglat, and Dirgo.

It is pertinent to note that Tammo's dirk was inherited by him from his mother, Mem Divinia, as well as a shoulder belt with a combination buckle and slotted dirk-sheath made in the symbol of a running hare. This particular dirk was forged in Salamandastron, and was considered to be a special weapon.

Wild Doogy Plumm's dirk was his grandfather's and father's before it was passed down to him; it was temporarily stolen by Yoofus Lightpaw, but the vole later returned it.

Dirgo and Viglat both wielded old and/or rusty dirks, not being as tidy and conscientious as the goodbeasts who carried similar weapons. Razzid Wearat, Dirgo's captain, had a low opinion of the small blade's usefulness and gave his follower a spear instead.


Dirks appear in The Long Patrol, Rakkety Tam, and The Rogue Crew.

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