Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Bow and Arrows, Dagger
Death: Killed by Ruffgar Brookback
Appears: Lord Brocktree

Doomeye was a former corsair, brother of Ripfang. He was a formidable foe when using a bow and arrows. Doomeye was considered to be the best archer in the Blue Hordes of Ungatt Trunn, and was ordered by Trunn to slay the Badger Lord Brocktree while the wildcat initiated single combat with him. He and his brother were then ordered to climb to the top of Salamandastron, with Ripfang being a lookout and Doomeye acting as a sniper. During the duel, however, the plot to kill Brocktree went wrong. The original flight trajectory of the arrow had been targeted at the badger's head, but right after the arrow was released, Brocktree moved, thus allowing the arrow strike him in the shoulder rather than the head. Ruffgar Brookback had seen the arrow and quickly dispatched Doomeye with a javelin. Ripfang, his brother, fled the scene.

Not to be confused with the Doomwytes.

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