The Doomwytes were a large horde consisting of ravens, crows, magpies, choughs, and various carrion birds, as well as a variety of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, frogs and toads. They lived near Mossflower Woods in a large underground lair with a boiling sulfur lake. Doomwytes had a mark that symbolized their rank; it was a strange liquid that glowed in darkness. For the RavenWytes, it was applied to the tip of their wing; the SnakeWytes had the mark on their heads. They used this glow during night to lure creatures into following them, then captured or killed the passing travelers. The group claimed to gather their power from the Great Doomwyte Idol; the leader was referred as at the "Great Doomwyte". The Doomwytes were perhaps the longest existing horde to appear in the books, for they were present in the Mossflower area from the time of Gonff the Mousethief until the time of Abbot Glisam. According to Korvus Skurr, this was a period of "thousands of seasons".

Known Doomwytes

Great Doomwytes and Seers

Crow Leaders




The Doomwytes appear in Doomwyte.


  • Aside from existing longer than any other horde known in the Redwall series and being one of the few major hordes not to hold any mammals, the Doomwytes were quite interestingly unique amongst most common vermin hordes, for although they played a major part in the story and did indeed thrust their threats upon Redwall Abbey, they showed no goal in conquering it.

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