Drogbuk Wiltud

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Drogbuk Wiltud was an old, disagreeable, drunkard of a hedgehog who wandered alone through Mossflower Woods, and a possible distant relation of Pinny, Uggo, and Twoggs Wiltud. He was a bit of a glutton, like all the Wiltuds, and it was said that he had been banished twice from Redwall Abbey for theft of food and drunkenness.

Drogbuk was convinced by Shekra to come aboard the Greenshroud, where he met Captain Razzid Wearat. Razzid pretended to be friendly to the oldbeast at first, giving him as much grog as he wanted; later, when Drogbuk became intoxicated, Razzid and Shekra tricked him into telling them the directions to Redwall Abbey. They then turned on Drogbuk, taking him as a hostage.

After he sobered up, Drogbuk escaped the Greeenshroud, joining up with the Guosim, Rogue Crew, and Long Patrol. He then showed the gang what he claimed was a shortcut to Redwall, as all of them hoped to beat Razzid there and warn the inhabitants of danger. Throughout the journey, he constantly annoyed the others with his whining and grumbling, and the scent of his unwashed body. Finally, Kite the Slayer and some other otters had enough, and took the protesting old hedgehog down to a nearby stream to give him a good scrubbing. Unfortunately for Drogbuk, who was already losing his spikes with age, the bathing he received knocked out every last one of his spines, making him the first (and only) "naked" hedgehog in the Redwall series.