Drogg Spearback

Drogg Spearback

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Taggerung

Drogg Spearback was a male hedgehog, paternal grandfather of Floburt and Egburt and grandson of Tragglo Spearback. He was also a great-grandson of Gurgan Spearback and Rufftip and a Cellarhog of Redwall Abbey. Drogg wore an apron and carried a supply of candied chestnuts in the pocket of the apron. Drogg was one of Redwall counselors. He was scouting in Mossflower Woods with Skipper and his crew and Broggle, when they met Boorab the Fool. Along with Broggle and Hoarg, Drogg helped to capture Tagg, thinking he was a vermin.

Jurkin mentions that he once visited Redwall to visit some "fat ole cellarhog, a first cousin of a second brother twice removed." If the Cellarhog was Drogg, which is likely, this would mean two things: Drogg was once fat, and the Dillypins are, albeit extremely distantly, related to the Spearbacks.

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