Drunn Tunneller

Place of Origin:North Shores
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Drunn Tunneller was a mole who lived with his family at the top of a cliff at the North Shores, after his father tunnelled through the area. His family lived with a family of hedgehogs headed by Welff Tiptip in a cave. He was the uncle of Burdle.

Drunn was a friend of Luke the Warrior and his tribe and provided them with a wide variety of berries when the newcomers first arrived on the arid shores.

Drunn and Welff were the first to warn Luke about the Sea Rogues and the danger of making fires by the shores. They were also the first to rush to the aid of Luke and his clan in their time of grief and tragedy and help tend to the wounded after the attack of Vilu Daskar. Moved by Welff's urging, Drunn rescued Luke when the grieving Warrior was about to let himself drown in the sea.

Drunn and his moles later helped Luke conceal the entrance to the caves where Luke and his clan lived and warned them when he saw the arrival of Reynard Chopsnout's ship, the Greenhawk. Drunn and his moles also helped move the Greenhawk inland so it could be repaired and used by Luke and his companions. The mainmast of the new ship was built by Drunn and Vurg.

Drunn also knew how to make fizzy apple cider. He enjoyed music and liked to play the drum while Welff danced and sang.