Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Killed by Felldoh
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Druwp the bankvole was a slave in Fort Marshank. Unlike his resentful comrades, though, he was selfish, sly, and treacherous. When the other slaves began to talk of rebellion, the vole secretly passed on the information to the conniving fox captain Skalrag, in return for food and drink. During Skalrag's absence, however, he was found by the weasel captain Hisk and taken to Badrang the Tyrant.

Druwp then became Badrang's spy in the slave ranks, and raised the alarm when the slaves broke out. However, he was killed by Felldoh when the slaves escaped from Marshank and Druwp tried to stop them.

In the Redwall TV Series, Druwp attempted to kill Barkjon, and was then promptly slain by Felldoh. Before that, he was giving out information to the fox himself right under Barkjon's nose, whilst in the book, Druwp was outside plucking weeds nearby before the captain ordered him for what had been happening recently.


Druwp from the Redwall TV Series