Dryditch Fever was a deadly illness that would make one weak and confined to a bed; it gave its victims hot flashes, chills, and dizziness, eventually leading to death. The cure is the Flowers of Icetor, boiled in spring water.

The disease arrived in Mossflower Country during the time of Abbess Vale, the first known creature afflicted with it was Thura, a former Corpsemaker who was residing at Redwall Abbey with his fellow deserter, Dingeye. Thura died shortly after leaving Redwall, and the disease spread to the Abbey denizens; many residents began to get ill, and several even succumbed before the cure was found and brought from the Northlands by Thrugg and Dumble with the aid of the Wild King MacPhearsome.

The only Abbeybeasts not to be afflicted with Dryditch Fever were Thrugann, Tudd Spinney, and Faith Spinney.

Killed by Dryditch Fever


Dryditch Fever was featured in Salamandastron and AbbeyCraft.

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