Zwilt the Shade holding Dubdub

Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

Dubdub was a young hedgehog babe and the son of Oakheart and Dymphnia Witherspyk, grandson of Crumfiss Witherspyk, and brother of Auroria, Jiddle, Jinty, Trajidia, and Rambuculus Witherspyk. When someone said something, he would often repeat the last few words. He and his family came to Redwall Abbey after originally living on a ship on the River Moss.

After Zwilt the Shade infiltrated the Abbey and dueled Buckler Kordyne, the sable grabbed baby Dubdub and threatened to kill him if Buckler did not surrender. Buckler laid down his sword, only to be betrayed by Zwilt, but both he and Dubdub were saved by Clarinna.