Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Stick, Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: Salamandastron
Voice(s): Keddy Sutton

Dumble was a Dibbun dormouse of Redwall Abbey. He was mischievous and constantly annoyed Abbess Vale about the Nameday, so much that she jokingly considered calling it the Summer of the Annoying Baby Dormouse. The next season, he requested that autumn be called Autumn of the Eagle.

When the Abbey was stricken by Dryditch Fever, Dumble accompanied Thrugg the otter to the Northlands to find the Flowers of Icetor. During this trip, he became friends with Rocangus and his clan of falcons. He also befriended Wild King MacPhearsome, even taking up the Northland accent the bird spoke with.

Many seasons later, Dumble still waited for his friends to return to Redwall; he slept out in the orchard instead of the more commonly used dormitories. It was he who told the story of Salamandastron to Arula's grandson, Burrem.